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Is it Friday yet?

I haven’t been feeling well. I started to feel a little bit better last night, but I still don’t feel 100%.

I don’t want to be at work today. I have too much to do at home:

1. Laundry - I started some last night, but never finished it. I opted to go to bed earlier and sleep for like nine hours.

2. Lessons - think my kids practiced? I doubt it.

3. Run - I’m going to attempt three miles. I don’t know if this rain is supposed to stop or even let up a little bit.

4. Check out a yoga class at the Y. I won’t participate, just see what the norms are. I’ll do a yoga video on my own when I get home.

5. Homework - check to see if anything is due tonight, finish a chapter of CES.

6. Clean off my bed - I might not be sleeping well at night despite the long amount of time I spend in bed because I’m constantly battling textbooks and my laptop and pens.

7. Write proposals for work.

8. Finish writing some work instructions.

Happy Tuesday!

I don’t know why, but I am in an exceptionally good mood today.  I actually woke up this morning and lifted before work!

The best pre-workout?  Lemonade! I woke up craving it, so I had it.  I think I’m going to forget about counting macros, for now anyway.

I also haven’t washed my hair in four days, so I wore my sparkly headband (which I’m probably way too excited about). 

I forgot to turn my flash to “auto,” but I thought this picture looked pretty cool.

I also got to wear my cool socks today.

They have holes in them.  :(

I think I’m going to start lifting four days a week and split my current workouts in half.

I must have a death-wish.

SLDLs, hip extensions, hip adductions, and planks all two days after a long run.  

I’m sore.

Run later tonight!

If I post it on tumblr, then I have to do it, right?

1. Clean - maybe do some laundry if I’m feeling extra motivated.
2. Homework/study - reading assignments, discussion posts, and quizzes.
3. Workout - probably a baby run.
4. Get ready for tomorrow - pack bag, lay out clothes, check start time and location.
5. Meal plan and workout schedule for next week.

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