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Goals/Weekend/Run Streak/Icky Feelings

I like making goals each month, but I tend to forget about them, so for the month of August, I’m going to make weekly goals for Monday through Friday and weekend goals.  I’m going to track them, and hopefully, I’ll be able to accomplish what I want by the end of the month!

This weekend, I am going to Lake Harmony with a bunch of my boyfriend’s friends.  I plan on using this opportunity to really focus on my training.  I’m planning on a long bike ride/brick workout on Saturday with some solo hiking and a long run on Sunday with a group hike.  

My goals for this weekend are:

  1. Bike 20 miles
  2. Hike both days
  3. Continue run streak

Today was my 7th day running straight.  I started with my boyfriend inadvertently, but I’m being secretly competitive and keeping it up!

Mentally, I’m not in a very good place right now.  I have a lot of regrets and wish that a lot of things are different, but instead of acting mopey, I’m going to make a change (again).  At least, I keep trying….

July Goals


I cannot believe it is July already.

  1. Finish The Lovely Bones.
  2. Get L2 cert.
  3. Run sub 5-hour marathon. Alaska here I come!
  4. Bike 50 miles.
  5. Pay off JHU bill.
  6. Save from each paycheck.
  7. Eat healthier.
  8. Go hiking at least 3 times.
  9. Get paperwork complete for Peru.
  10. Leave work at work.

I have a feeling that July is going to be a really good month for me :)

What a joke.  I think I did two of these goals.  I think my problem is that I post them and then automatically forget about them.  Time for a new strategy!

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