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I’m back at it!

Making goals.

After my last bout of depression, I decided to reevaluate my life. I’m taking a new medication, and although it takes 3-4 weeks to work, I’m feeling pretty good.

I made some goals for the rest of August. I’m going to read them every morning so I don’t forget them, and I’m going to set myself up for success.

1. Wear sunscreen everyday.
2. Take medicine everyday.
3. Wear Chapstick everyday.
4. Travel to Peru.

The last one is a given, but one of my life goals is to travel, so I included it.

I’m going to pack a bag with sunscreen, Chapstick, and my medicine and leave it in my car. That way if I forget in the morning, I can still meet my goals.

No excuses.

I didn’t join tumblr for the friends.  I use it as a journal to track my progress and emotions, but I am so grateful for you guys and gals!  I can definitely count on you to brighten my day.  Thank you!

Thank you! I ended up not working out, but I am feeling much better! Except for the headaches….

Thank you, dear! Feeling much better now!

That day, I didn’t, but today, I feel pretty good.  That’s all that matters! Thank you!

Thank you! I definitely took your advice on the water!  Still having some headaches though.  It’s my favorite cup! Suits me well!

No more frowning!


Thank you much! I’m feeling better!  Hopefully, I’ll get back to working out soon and long walks with my little buddy!

Thanks! Feeling much stronger today!

Breakfast. I hope this doesn’t become a staple. Another day. Another headache.

Yesterday, I let my mind win. Today, I feel like I can totter either way.

Must stay strong.

I’m seriously considering becoming medicated, but I’m afraid of how drowsy it will make me.

Today is a new day. It can be good if I want it to. I’m in control.

I’m in a funk today. Here’s hoping coffee helps.

I just want to curl up in a ball and cry and cuddle with my blankets. Is that too much to ask?

I already took two Advil for this stupid headache, and it’s not even 8 am yet. Omen? I think so.

My legs are tight and sore. I WILL do some sort of workout tonight. Biking and yoga? Sounds good to me, but as soon as I see my bed, I may crumble….

I will fight this. I will not be debilitated. I will not let my silly mind win again.

Coffee! Still working on getting a couple things from yesterday’s to-do list done before starting on today’s. Brick workout today keeps getting pushed back….I thought I was supposed to pick my parents up at the airport at 7 am. Turns out, I have to pick them up at 10:45. Oops. Lesson learned. Always double check!

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