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The bike ride of doom!

I’m so proud of my awesome packing skills. I’m already a pretty light packer, but now, I’m learning to be a super organized packer, too!

I met a woman, Netty, during my ride last weekend. She got married ten years ago and thought her husband was going to buy her a nicer bike. Instead, he left her last year. In December, she had a hip replacement, and less than a year later, she was riding a century! Amazing! (And her long grey braid hanging out her helmet was so beautiful! Role model!) Her bike (and shoes and helmet) was that pretty green! She got it after the divorce.

I fell off my bike at mile 60. The bruise spread, and there’s more bruises all over my hip and thigh. Thank goodness for padded gloves! I’m tender everywhere. I pushed through to mile 85 but didn’t make it to 100. Next time!

I also have some pretty awesome tan lines thanks to this weekend. I need to spend more time outdoors during sunlight hours.

Half-marathon in two weeks (ish). Here’s hoping my hip/knee recover!

I'm back at it!


Making goals.

After my last bout of depression, I decided to reevaluate my life. I’m taking a new medication, and although it takes 3-4 weeks to work, I’m feeling pretty good.

I made some goals for the rest of August. I’m going to read them every morning so I don’t forget them, and I’m going…

I accomplished all my goals for August!

On to September!

  1. Cook 2 healthy meals.
  2. Bake something from scratch.
  3. Buy one work outfit (cash).
  4. Bike 4 times.
  5. Swim 5 times.
  6. Run 30 miles.
  7. Attend 1 yoga class.
  8. Meditate 2 times per week.
  9. Paint nails twice.
  10. Read 1 book.
  11. Save Moolah.


No words could possible describe this experience for me.

It was so nice to be disconnected from everyday responsibilities: no work, no family, no rushing.

The fresh air did me well. My mentality was fairly clear throughout the whole trip.

Hiking and camping made me put my life into perspective. I have so much to be grateful for. I have so much to be proud of, and I have so much more to do.

Friday Five

1.) I may be physically back from Peru, but mentally, I’m still there. Going to Peru gave me mucho clarity on most aspects of my life. I’m ready to implement them.

2.) 100 mile ride tomorrow. I’m not physically prepared, but I KNOW I’m going to have a blast!

3.) I completed ALL my August goals. I have set September goals and am excited about them.

4.) I started the fall semester. I’m already hopelessly behind after the first week, but I’m excited about this program.

5.) I absolutely adore the Tangled soundtrack. I may purchase the CD, so I can play it on road trips.

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